• 4 Unhealthy, Dangerous Weight-Loss Methods [Must Know Facts]

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    At Bodcor, we hear a lot of horror stories about people who use dangerous ways to lose weight. We encourage patients to never use the following weight-loss methods because they can result in serious health consequences.



    The term "diuretics" refers to any substance that increases the production of urine. Some companies market their diuretics as "water pills."

    A lot of people take diuretics because they think the water pills can help them shed fat. In reality, the pills only force their bodies to expel more water. While the scale may say that someone has lost weight, it doesn't mean the person has slimmed down from fat loss.

    Diuretics are an ineffective way to lose weight. They're also unhealthy. Serious side effects of taking diuretics include:
    - Electrolyte imbalances that can cause irregular heartbeat and muscle cramps.
    - Kidney failure.
    - Dehydration, which can become a life-threatening condition.



    People with eating disorders often believe that laxatives will help them lose weight by rushing food through their systems before their stomachs can absorb many calories. Unfortunately, laxatives aren't any more effective than water pills.

    When people take laxatives, they mostly lose water weight through frequent bowel movements. Their bodies absorb just as many calories.

    - Electrolyte and mineral imbalances.
    - Severe dehydration.
    - Damage to the colon and liver.
    - Irritable bowel syndrome.
    - Increased risk of colon cancer.
    - Dependency that makes bowel movements impossible without more laxatives.

    Ipecac Syrup

    Ipecac Syrup

    Ipecac syrup used to play an important role in poison control. When children accidentally consumed household poisons, their parents would use ipecac to induce vomiting.

    Since ipecac syrup makes people vomit, bulimics use it to purge. Misusing ipecac syrup as a "weight-loss method" can cause problems like:
    - Low blood pressure.
    - Rapid heartbeat.
    - Breathing problems.
    - Diarrhea.
    - Stomach and chest pain.
    - Heart attacks.
    - Inflamed heart muscles (myocarditis).

    Diet Pills

    Diet Pills

    Every year, Americans trying to lose weight spend about $2.1 billion on diet pills and supplements. Over-the-counter diet pills are largely unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so buyers never know what the products contain or what risks they pose.

    Most over-the-counter diet pills don't work. Still, they may contain ingredients that cause issues like:
    - Irregular heartbeat.
    - High blood pressure.
    - Heart failure.
    - Headaches.
    - Strokes.
    - Heart attacks.
    - Sudden death.

    If the FDA regulated supplements, consumers would have more information about ingredients. Until that happens, dieters never know what they're ingesting when they take diet pills.

    Bodcor supports healthy, effective weight-loss plans that include exercise and balanced diets. Learn more about how we can use low levels of laser energy to target problem areas that have stubborn fat.

    A balanced diet is the key to weight loss

    Instead of turning to dangerous ways to lose weight, you can spend your time planning your meals and switching to healthier options.

    Remember, there’s no shortcut to lose pounds of fat. Even with the Bodcor 4D Laser System, you can’t expect to lose your flab in just one session.

    You should pair the 4D Laser System with healthy meals. You can add the following superfoods to your diet:

    1. Leafy greens
    2. Legumes and beans
    3. Whole eggs and poultry
    4. Avocado
    5. Herbs and spices
    6. Salmon, tuna, and more

    Also, avoid drinking soda and other sweetened drinks. The sugar in these beverages can cause bloating which will make you look and feel fatter than what you really are.

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    Exercising is better than dangerous methods

    If you want to lose weight or sustain the benefits of the 4D Laser Weight Loss, you need to perform enough exercise.

    Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. For some, it could be as much as 90 minutes a day.

    Make sure that you get at least 150 minutes of aerobic/cardio activities weekly paired with strength training twice a week.

    You don’t need to spend endless hours in the gym just to keep the progress of the Bodcor System. The Bodcor Treatments are designed to thrive on moderate exercise and proper meals.

    Right after the Bodcor body contouring Gilbert AZ, you can perform a moderate exercise to initiate more fat burns.

    Bodcor 4D Laser System as the first step

    If you want to reach your fitness goals, you can avail the Bodcor body contouring fat reduction for instant results.

    This non-invasive body contouring can target fat pockets on your arms, buttocks, legs, chin, jaw, and other parts. It’s a great head start for your weight loss plan.

    Many patients who underwent the Bodcor 4D Laser System are more motivated to stick to a healthy diet after seeing the instant results of the treatment.

    Remember that this is just a first step toward burning your excess weight. As much as anyone can undergo the procedure, only those who lead a healthy lifestyle will enjoy Bodcor’s full benefits.

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    Keeping the 4D Laser System benefits the healthy way

    After you underwent the Bodcor System, the only way to keep and improve the results is to stay healthy. Eat healthier food options and spend some time exercising.

    You don’t need to finish a triathlon or beat yourself up in the gym. A short exercise routine a day will help in preventing fat buildup.

    By making lifestyle changes that last, your weight loss progress will also last longer.

    Quit dangerous methods and switch to Bodcor!

    If you want instant results without putting your health at risk, you can try the Bodcor treatments. This is a non-surgical and non-invasive laser treatment that target pocket fats.

    By speeding up the life cycle of the fat cells, energy will be released and you can see actual results in just a few sessions. It’s safe, clinically-proven, and guaranteed to work without downtimes. This is better than resorting to untested fads that can be life-threatening in the long run.

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