Benefits of Vibration Plate

Benefits of the Vibration Plate, How It Assists Your Lymphatic System, and How It Maximizes Your Results with Bodcor.

Your Lymphatic System & Overall Health

Your lymphatic system plays a vital role in maintaining your overall health. Linked to your immune system, the lymphatic system transports a beneficial fluid — called lymph fluid — via specialized vessels throughout your body.

Optimizing the performance of your lymphatic system during your Bodcor treatments helps to maximize overall results. Bodcor is a stimulant to help your body lose inches, shed fat, and increase energy. With the assistance of vibration plates, an optimized lymphatic system, proper nutrition, and exercise, you'll achieve the perfect storm for maximized body transformation.  

Bodcor Vibration Therapy

Your Lymphatic System Produces Lymph Fluids

Lymph fluid contains minerals and proteins necessary for organ health as well as infection-fighting white blood cells that prevent illness. Lymphatic vessels also transport bacteria, viruses, damaged cells and even cancer cells out of tissue fluids to help prevent the development of chronic diseases and disorders.

Bodcor Vibration Therapy

After completion of your Bodcor treatment our technician will assist you with getting started on your vibration therapy. We've made the investment to provide you with complimentary vibration therapy following your Bodcor treatments. Don't worry... it only takes 10 minutes!

Using Vibration Therapy to Maximize Bodcor Results

Draining your lymphatic system to rid your body of toxins and pathogens is essential. It eliminates various health issues attributed to a blocked lymph system. Engaging in regular, physical activity such as aerobic exercises or weight training may be one method of improving lymph drainage. However, most of us struggle to find time to exercise regularly or may not be able to perform such strenuous exercises.

Bodcor Treatments & Vibration Therapy 

Bocor Treatments can help bridge the gap. If you're experiencing pain from exercise, or don't have the time to exercise as much as you like, Bodcor treatments, vibration therapy, and proper nutrition can significantly help pick up the slack.

Fortunately, you can replace vigorous exercise with vibration therapy and possibly receive some other health benefits not always delivered through exercise activity. Using lymphatic vibration therapy to rid your body of illness-causing toxins not only promotes lymphatic drainage, but it also may help you lose weight, ward off osteoporosis and enhance the functioning of your immune system.

Vibration therapy is not a replacement to the mental benefits of a regular exercise routine. Vibration therapy provides you with alternative options to still achieve maximized health and body transformation. A lifestyle that awards you the time to do both vibration therapy and exercise routines is the ultimate method for maximizing Bodcor results.

Vibration Therapy Influences Immediate Results
A lymphatic vibration plate stimulates blood flow so that freshly oxygenated, red blood cells and other nutrients circulate liberally throughout your body. As a result of controlled vibrations creating muscular contractions — similar to the contractions your muscles experience during exercise — your lymph fluid is gently forced into lymph nodes where they detect and immediately discard any toxins.

Vibration Therapy Influences Immediate Results

This process enhances your body's ability to process the contents of your fat cells faster. Your body will do this naturally, but vibration therapy influences immediate results.

Enhancing the Whole-Body Cleansing Process

When you use a lymphatic vibration platform, you’ll enjoy a whole-body cleansing process that relieves aches and pains, improves bone strength, decreases hypertension and empowers your immune system.

Whole Body Vibration is a widely used form of improving overall health and well-being. All branches of the military, professional athletes playing for NFL, NBA, and MLB, and medical experts rely on vibration plate therapy to improve all of their physiological systems, including lymph fluid circulation and drainage.