• What Are The Risks Of Kybella? [Important Information]
    What Are The Risks Of Kybella?
    According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery's 2015 Consumer Survey, 67 percent of consumers say that they have excess fat under their chins or necks. Kybella, a non-surgical technique that involves injecting deoxycholic acid into chin fat, has become a popular way for people to resolve this perceived problem.

    At Bodcor, we don't use Kybella injections to treat patients. We do, however, believe that people deserve access to accurate information about their weight loss options. That includes knowing how Kybella works and the procedure's risks.

    How Kybella Reduces Chin Fat

    How Kybella Reduces Chin Fat

    Kybella uses deoxycholic acid to destroy chin fat. Deoxycholic acid is a type of bile acid similar to the acids that stomachs use to digest food. By injecting the acid directly into fat cells, doctors can improve their patients' appearances without relying
    May 09, 2019
  • What Are the Risks of CoolSculpting? [Guide]
    CoolSculpting procedures
    Although Bodcor doesn't offer CoolSculpting procedures, we want to make sure that our patients know about other weight-loss options.

    Anyone weighing the pros and cons of noninvasive weight loss treatments should learn about CoolSculpting, a technique that uses cold temperatures to kill fat tissue. The process works well for certain people, but it does have some risks that potential patients should know.

    Common Side Effects of CoolSculpting

    Patients who undergo CoolSculpting procedures can expect to experience some common side effects like:
    - Skin sensitivity
    - Muscle cramps
    - Numbness, tingling and tenderness in the treated area
    - Red skin
    - Mild swelling

    These side effects rarely last more than a few weeks, so they don't present any significant challenges.

    Other common side effects, however, can cause more anxiety in patients. Some people
    May 08, 2019
  • [How Much] Does Laser Body Contouring Cost?
    [How Much] Does Laser Body Contouring Cost?

    The beauty standards of this generation have become more focused on toned, well-proportioned, and slim figures. While this ideal has been around for a very long time, it is now more popular than ever, thanks in part to the ever-growing number of technological advancements that make the once-elusive goal of slimness a near-instantaneous possibility. Laser fat removal is one of the most popular ‘instant' weight loss solutions out there today. It's so prolific that one can find such services not only in specialized clinics but even in designated floors or boutiques in select strip malls and supermarkets.

    One of the reasons for its steady rise to popularity is its non-invasive nature and the fact that it can deliver quick and noticeable results after only several sessions. Because it is non-invasive and does not require a certified medical
    May 05, 2019
  • [Blended Benefits] of Bodcor's Laser Therapy, Eating Healthy and Exercise
    Bodcor's Laser Therapy
    At Bodcor, we're committed to helping people maintain healthy weights without turning to dangerous options. Because of this, we always encourage our patients to follow healthy eating and exercise habits.

    Blending the benefits of a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and Bodcor's laser therapy leads to healthy bodies without fat in problem areas like the chin and thighs.

    Learn to Eat a Balanced Diet

    There are a lot of diets that can help people stay healthy. Dr. Michael Greger, for instance, advocates a diverse, plant-based diet that helps modern people avoid common ailments like heart disease and cancer.

    The Mediterranean Diet, which many researchers consider the healthiest option in the world, includes daily portions of:

    - Fruits
    - Vegetables
    - Legumes and nuts
    - Whole grains
    - Fish and poultry

    Eat a Balanced Diet

    Some of the most important things that Bodcor patients
    Apr 09, 2019
  • 4 Unhealthy, Dangerous Weight-Loss Methods [Must Know Facts]
    4d laser weight loss system
    At Bodcor, we hear a lot of horror stories about people who use dangerous ways to lose weight. We encourage patients to never use the following weight-loss methods because they can result in serious health consequences.



    The term "diuretics" refers to any substance that increases the production of urine. Some companies market their diuretics as "water pills."

    A lot of people take diuretics because they think the water pills can help them shed fat. In reality, the pills only force their bodies to expel more water. While the scale may say that someone has lost weight, it doesn't mean the person has slimmed down from fat loss.

    Diuretics are an ineffective way to lose weight. They're also unhealthy. Serious side effects of taking diuretics include:
    - Electrolyte imbalances that can cause irregular heartbeat and muscle cramps.
    - Kidney
    Apr 01, 2019