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Bodcor, Chandler, Arizona
Bodcor inside The Gather Loft, located in Chandler Arizona is an excellent alternative to CoolSculpting, LaserAway & Lipo Suction.

Located Inside the Gather Loft.
4205 S. Gilbert Road. Suite 28
Chandler, AZ 85249

Bodcor is an innovative new way to lose inches and remove stubborn fat from your body. Our exclusive 4D Laser Fat Loss System is the latest in fat reduction technology offering you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.

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Non-Surgical Body Contouring in Chandler, AZ

Non-Surgical Body Contouring in Chandler, AZ

Kiss needles goodbye with body contouring in Chandler, AZ. Bodcor in Chandler, AZ is a proprietary process that uses a special laser technology that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system.

Bodcor depletes your fat cells resulting in immediate inch loss and body fat reduction. Our body contouring and fat reduction technology in Chandler, AZ, has many advantages over traditional liposuction, starting with your safety.

You can see the results right after each session. And since the procedure doesn’t have downtime, you can work out or go to work right after the session finishes. With Bodcor there are no stitches to heal, no pain, and no recovery time.

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Benefits of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Experience pain-free treatments, zero downtimes, and affordable prices through non-surgical body contouring offered in Chandler courtesy of Bodcor. You will have a safe and clinically-proven way of removing stubborn fat pockets.

You no longer have to take time off of work or worry about recovery time. You will be up and running after each session.

4D Laser Weight Loss System in Chandler 

Are you frustrated with weight loss fads? You can now see instant results with the Bodcor body contouring fat reduction. With Bodcor, you can lose inches of fats in just a few sessions.

It’s a painless procedure that safely burns your fats by stimulating the lymphatic system. This pushes the fat cells to release stored energy to deflate the cells. It will result in visible fat loss from the outside.

Worried about sagging skin? Good thing, Bodcor’s non-invasive body contouring also utilizes red light therapy. This tightens the skin for a better look after the treatment. It’s 100% safe and proven to yield actual results. 

4d laser weight loss system

Benefits of 4D Laser System

Safe and clinically proven

Bodcor’s 4D Laser System has been tried and tested on various clinical trials. Also, it’s backed with years of studies to ensure that safety of the procedure. Over the years, this has helped thousands of individuals lose pockets of fats fast without any adverse side effects.

Guaranteed results

For every Bodcor 4D Laser System session, you will notice visible results. You’ll lose inches of fat and your skin will also tighten. If you finish the whole package, you can tone your body and start your weight loss journey. The 4D Laser System is a great help to those who want inspiration for losing weight.
bodcor 4d laser system

No wounds, no downtimes

The 4D Laser Weight Loss System doesn’t use needles or stitches. With this, you won’t experience downtimes and pain. In fact, you can resume your workout right after finishing each session of the 4D Laser System. You won’t have to deal with wounds and filing for vacation leave at work.

Affordable solution

Unlike liposuction, Bodcor is a very affordable option. You can avail the 10-session package and further treatments based on your budget. Also, you have full control over what you’re going to spend and avail.

Since you wouldn’t have to purchase medications and supplies for recovery, Bodcor becomes a cost-efficient solution.

Ideal for busy schedules

If you’re always stuck at work, the Bodcor 4D Laser System is a great choice. The short sessions are easy to fit in between schedules. Since it doesn’t require a recovery period, you can hop back to your usual routines.
Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Weight Loss & Fat Reduction Specialist in Chandler

Bodcor is your non-surgical body contouring specialist in Chandler. We take pride in our state-of-the-art 4D laser technology that safely burns fats without the use of needles and other invasive methods.

We know that losing weight is a big challenge for those with busy schedules. With this, we ensure that our procedure has zero downtimes. Also, each of our sessions lasts for an hour only. You can easily squeeze it into your schedule. 

Painless, affordable, hassle-free – this is what Bodcor in Chandler is about. Everyone can undergo the treatment as long as they are relatively healthy and has no underlying conditions.
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Know the Benefits of the Body Contouring Fat Reduction

With the Bodcor System, you can now achieve fat loss in an instant. Using our revolutionary laser technology, you can start losing pockets of fat without any knives or needles. That's because our lasers target your fat cells and speed up the release of stored energy. This shrinks the cells. With this process, you'll see real results while enjoying a burst of energy.

Through simulating the actual process of energy release in the body, Bodcor Treatments is guaranteed to be safe for almost every patient. The only recorded side effects are mild redness on the treated area, thirst, and temporary dizziness. After each session, you can go back to work or resume your day-to-day activities. Unlike liposuction, you don't have to have an extended recovery period or experience any pain.
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Jumpstart your weight loss journey!

Are you planning to start a fitness plan? A body-contouring fat reduction treatment is a great way to give your body a head start in the fat loss department. After each session, you will see the reduction while the additional red light treatment makes your skin tight.

The results you get from Bodcor's non-invasive body contouring will inspire you to reach your goal weight. While working out and following a diet, you can continue using further Bodcor System treatments to tone your body even more.

Bodcor is clinically-proven, so you'll have the peace of mind that your body is in the hands of experts. With zero downtimes and no scars, it's an unbeatable option for removing stubborn fat on your chin, cheek, buttocks, legs, arms, chest, and anywhere else.

About Bodcor in Chandler, AZ

Bodcor in Chandler is a non-invasive, body contouring fat reduction treatment. It helps burn pocket fats on your chest, chin, legs, arms, and other parts of the body.

Interested to lose inches of fat quickly? Just call us and we will give you a free consultation. We’re willing to discuss the treatment with you.

Bodcor in Chandler, AZ offers a non-invasive and clinically proven way of depleting your fat cells. Bodcor’s 4D Laser Fat Loss System tricks your fat cells into thinking your body is working out. Releasing the stored triglycerides from your body will shrink your fat cells. As the contents from your fat cells are released and used as energy, your fat cells shrink.

Your body will begin to look tighter and toned in the treated areas. Bodcor’s body contouring services in Chandler, AZ simulate your body’s natural processes of fat loss. This form of fat reduction is clinically proven and safe.

Through continuous exercise and a healthy diet, you can sustain the benefits of Bodcor’s 4D Laser Fat Loss System located in Chandler, AZ and surrounding areas. Multiple sessions will also help to see more results in just a few days.

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Client Testimonials

Brittany is great, very professional & pleasant! I’ve had 3 treatments so far and am already seeing results! Highly recommend giving Bodcor a chance!
Ashleigh Chez
New Old Town Location is Amazing; People who own and operate are world class and the product results... you wouldn't believe. A Must before vacation or getting ready for summer season.
Stefan Brule