• Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures [Complete Guide]

    Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures [Complete Guide]
    Having a toned, sexy body is something everybody secretly covets. While exercise and dietary regimens geared towards fat burning and muscle toning abound, some people who have a natural predisposition to extreme weight gain, or folks who simply do not have the time, willpower or capacity to lose weight in the conventional way instant solutions like liposuction carry an appeal all their own. Unfortunately, liposuction is a specialized process that is not only extremely costly but also somewhat risky. Liposuction is also considered a very extreme option for instantaneous weight loss, specifically because it is an invasive procedure.

    Thankfully, there are less drastic measures that one can take if a little weight loss is desired. With the current advancements in medical and cosmetic technology, non-invasive weight loss procedures such as non-surgical body contouring are now widely available and easily accessible. But the big question is – does it work?

    The Science Behind Non-Invasive Body Contouring

    Non-invasive body contouring revolves around the premise of using mechanisms that help to burn or kill fat cells without the need to suck them out of the body. Unlike liposuction which employs a specialized machine to siphon out subcutaneous fat from specific areas, non-surgical body contouring employs a myriad of different machines, each with a specific method of fat elimination, to reduce the number of fat cells underneath the skin either by shrinking or killing them. This makes these procedures viable for individuals who do not really require extensive fat removal. It also makes non-invasive methods more affordable than liposuction. The only ‘downside' to these methods is that they are not intended to eliminate large deposits of subcutaneous fat, and will require several sessions in order to deliver the desired results.

    Non-invasive body contouring procedures will typically vary depending on the machinery's manufacturers, but fat burning machines that employ lasers, concentrated sound-waves, heat, and freezing are the norm.

    Types of Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Technology

    As of today, there are four standardized methods of non-invasive fat removal: machines that employ concentrated and targeted lasers, machines that freeze fat, machines that target fat cells and kill them using heat, and machines that help to ‘burn off' the fat through the use of intense pulsating sound-waves.

    Types of Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Technology

    Here are some of the most popular choices available today:

    CoolSculpting and Zerona – CoolSculpting and Zerona are two exceedingly popular non-invasive fat removal systems that employ what is called ‘cryolipolysis' – a fancy name which literally means ‘fat freezing'. Just as the process and name imply, CoolSculpting and Zerona freeze subcutaneous fat cells, effectively killing them. The dead cells are naturally eliminated by the liver and kidneys over the course of two to four months, and the area that once housed the now dead fat cells will look slimmer and more toned.

    UltraShape – another state-of-the-art non-invasive fat burning method, UltraShape employs concentrated sound-waves which target subcutaneous layers of fat and kills them. Touted to be more accurate than freezing methods, and far more reliable than procedures that rely on thermal energy (i. e. heat or lasers), it is famed for being able to provide visible results in as little as ten days after treatment.

    SmartLipo and SlimLipo – two of the most famous non-invasive fat removal systems available, these two have been around for quite a while. Employing specialized lasers or LED (low-emission diodes) lights in order to target subcutaneous fat, these machines combine high-frequency light-waves with low-wavelengths to target collective pockets of fat found in the body. Just as effective as liposuction, but just a little bit invasive, what with the need for local anesthesia to numb the area that is receiving treatment. These methods have been eclipsed by more modern machines, however, such as UltraShape.

    Who Can Benefit from Non-Invasive Body Contouring?

    Non-invasive body contouring has been compared to liposuction, although the benefits and results that one can derive from can't really measure up to liposuction. For starters, because it is not invasive, it doesn't deliver drastically visible results. Due to the different methods used in non-surgical body contouring, each machine will deliver visible results at different rates. It must be said that while non-invasive methods are beneficial for just about anybody, people who have negligible areas of fat and people who generally keep themselves fit but have some flabby areas that cannot be corrected through mere exercise or toning will benefit greatly from the procedures. It is, however, not advised for individuals who have large pockets of fat and want instantaneous results, nor is it an excellent cosmetic procedure for persons who suffer from obesity and need to shed pounds quickly.

    One of the reasons why non-invasive methods are not advised for people who need to lose weight quickly (for whatever reason – medical, cosmetic – or both) is because the procedures themselves do not really remove fat cells, but rather they simply kill them (as in the case of the freezing methods) or reduce their size (as in the case of some laser and sound-wave methods). Either of the two can't promise permanent fat loss since one will eventually regain the lost pounds if the procedures are not supplemented with diet and exercise geared towards weight maintenance.

    Benefit from Non-Invasive Body Contouring?

    Do Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedures Really Work?

    Yes, they do – but only to a certain extent. A previously mentioned, there are limitations to non-surgical weight loss methods which make them ideal only for cases where there is very little fat to be removed. If one is after a ‘quick fix', such as toning the arms, thighs, belly, or chin, then non-invasive procedures work wonders. It is important to remember that one's results will vary depending on the machine employed for the procedure, along with one's extant dietary habits and exercise regimen (or lack thereof).

    Getting the Most Out of Non-Invasive Fat Removal

    If you want to get the most out any non-surgical fat removal procedures, you have to keep the following in mind:

    Change your diet – one's diet can make or break everything, especially if you've finally obtained your desired results and want to keep things that way. Reduce your caloric intake, try a ketogenic diet, or focus on a whole-foods oriented diet and skip the simple carbs and sugars. Your new lovely figure will thank you for it.

    Exercise keeps the flab away – exercise that focuses on intensive cardio for fat burning when coupled with targeted toning exercises, ensure that the problem areas you had fixed with non-surgical fat removal remain at their peak aesthetic appeal for long.

    Repeat sessions are common – don't worry about having to go back to your local lipoplasty or body contouring clinic for a little retouch. This is perfectly normal and is to be expected, even if you do follow both of the previous ‘maintenance' protocols religiously.

    Good look on your weight-loss journey!
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