Meet the Coaches

Madison Murray

Follow Madison on Instagram for all things training, nutrition and lifestyle. She posts a little bit of everything, from my daily life to all of her fitness ventures. You will find a mix of photos and videos, but if you comment or message Madison with what you would like to see, she will be happy to post it! Her story is always entertaining because you never know what you are going to get! 
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Evelyn Ayrapetova

Evelyn looks to empower women everywhere. Her expertise includes Online Training Guides, Personal Training, & Nutrition Coaching. Follow Evelyn on Instagram to see an inside look of what her life looks like on a day to day basis as she helps others reach their fitness goals. Click the buttons below to learn more about Evelyn.
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John Vasquez

Fitness coach John Vasquez created the 3T Method Fat Shredding system which to shed unwanted body fat, increase energy, and improve health. John provides education on Mindset and the benefits of the 3T Method. 

John's 3T Method and what you will learn:
  • T1 Timing of your foods.
  • T2 Targeted Macro Nutrients.
  • T3 Triggered workouts.

Shirin Ahmadpour | Build-A-Butt

Build-A-Butt was created by professional dancer and bikini competitor, Shirin Ahmadpour. As a dancer, fitness has always been a huge part of her life. She ended up falling in love for working out when she began competing in bikini competitions and knew she needed an outlet to combine her two passions. With a team full of ladies who all wanted to get fit together and grow a booty, Shirin developed her high energy fitness classes.

Alicia Coates

Alicia Coates

Alicia Coates is an IFBB figure pro, sponsored athlete, fitness professional and an exercise enthusiast. With over eight years of experience as personal trainer, Alicia is constantly learning and staying current on the most up-to-date approaches to exercise.

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