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Bodcor Happy Valley Arizona 85085
Bodcor Happy Valley is located inside The Beauty District at Norterra. Bodcor is an excellent alternative to CoolSculpting, LaserAway & Lipo Suction.

Located inside The Beauty District
2480 West Happy Valley Road, Suite 1205
Phoenix, AZ 85085

**Bodcor Happy Valley is owned and operated by Scott Havens, MD. Questions, comments, and/or concerns can be addressed directly at info@healthsciencemedspa.com or 480-718-1184.

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Happy Valley Phoenix
Bodcor is an innovative new way to lose inches and remove stubborn fat from your body. Our exclusive 4D Laser Fat Loss System is the latest in fat reduction technology offering you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time

Are you looking for weight loss alternatives in the Happy Valley area? Bodcor is Happy Valley's leader in body contouring services. Bodcor offers a non-surgical & non-invasive approach for weight loss. If you're looking for a safe, effective, and painless way of removing excess fat, Bodcor is perfect for you.

Bodcor is the latest in 4D Laser Weight Loss Systems. Bodcor provides the same cosmetic changes you'd expect to see from an invasive, surgical approach.

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non-invasive body contouring

Benefits of Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Zero downtimes

The biggest benefit of non-invasive body contouring is that it has zero downtime. After each session, you can go back to work, perform your workout, and continue your usual routine. There's no recovery period for this weight loss system, not to mention that it's also very affordable.

No wounds, no stitches

Unlike liposuction, Bodcor’s body contouring fat reduction doesn’t use needles or surgical knives. The entire procedure is done from the outside using an advanced 4D Laser System. With this, you won’t have to nurse wounds and take a break from work. It’s perfect for those who are afraid of undergoing surgical treatments.

weight loss system


Bodcor is absolutely pain-free! Since we won’t cut your skin, you will have peace of mind that this is the least invasive procedure you can ever find. The only side effects you’ll experience are mild redness on the treated area, temporary dizziness, and thirst. All of these will go away in a few minutes after getting enough hydration.

See instant results

With Bodcor's non-invasive body contouring, you can see instant results after each session. You will notice inches of fat removed and the tightening of your skin. After finishing the 10-session package, you'll observe a big difference, before and after you've started the procedure.

Happy Valley Phoenix

Perfect for busy patients

Are you busy and can’t file for a vacation at work? The body contouring fat reduction of Bodcor is the ideal solution for your pockets of fats. Each session lasts for only 45 minutes which you can easily squeeze in before you head to work or during your rest days. Since it has zero downtimes, it’s a hassle-free option in toning your body.

Benefits of Body Contouring Fat Reduction

Body contouring is non-invasive and completely pain-free. There is no downtime needed to recover after Bodcor treatments. Our body contouring fat reduction services in Happy Valley is an excellent alternative to surgery and those miserable diets.

Bodcor's 4D laser tightens and tones your skin, which keeps it looking youthful.

About Bodcor in Happy Valley, Phoenix

Bodcor has several locations in the state of Arizona. One of them is located at West Happy Valley Road. Bodcor in Happy Valley, AZ serves the Phoenix area although customers from neighboring cities are welcome.

You can book an appointment online. Just don't forget to indicate that you're closest to the Happy Valley location. 

Rest assured that our experts at Happy Valley will treat you with the same level of care and attention as any of our other locations in Arizona. The Bodcor 4D Weight Loss System is also available in all locations.

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Client Testimonials

Brittany is great, very professional & pleasant! I’ve had 3 treatments so far and am already seeing results! Highly recommend giving Bodcor a chance!
Ashleigh Chez
New Old Town Location is Amazing; People who own and operate are world class and the product results... you wouldn't believe. A Must before vacation or getting ready for summer season.
Stefan Brule