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Bodcor located in Old Town Scottsdale is an excellent alternative to CoolSculpting, LaserAway & Lipo Suction.

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Bodcor is an innovative new way to lose inches and remove stubborn fat from your body. Our exclusive 4D Laser Fat Loss System is the latest in fat reduction technology offering you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.

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4d laser weight loss system in scottsdale

Weight Loss & Fat Reduction Specialist in Scottsdale, AZ

Stop trying diet fads and dangerous weight loss programs. Bodcor’s 4D Laser Weight Loss System in Scottsdale, AZ is your safe and effective alternative to achieve an instant result of inch loss.

With the help of a Bodcor body contouring specialist in Scottsdale, AZ, you can now get rid of stubborn fat pockets in a matter of hours. Bodcor is a kick start to your fitness goals or provides immediate progress to your weight loss journey.

Bodcor’s body contouring fat reduction services in Scottsdale, AZ are done without the use of needles and painful methods. Thanks to the proprietary laser technology, losing inches of fat is as easy as lying down.

Looking for a non-surgical body contouring alternative to liposuction? Here at Bodcor, we guarantee a safe and needle-free procedure that will give instant results. We are your weight loss specialists that will ensure that your health is always in good hands.

Our body contouring fat reduction is clinically proven and guaranteed to be safe. It triggers the lymphatic system to help release stored energy on your fat cells.

This will result in inches of fats burned. This non-invasive body contouring is paired with red light therapy for tighter skin. Here at Bodcor, we make weight loss simple so more people can enjoy the confidence of being fit.

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body contouring in Scottsdale

Benefits of Body Contouring Fat Reduction

Body contouring in Scottsdale, AZ is a non-surgical procedure with no downtimes, no pain, and no needles. Bodcor’s laser technology offers minimal to zero side effects.

This procedure can be done on the thighs, arms, chin, abdomen, upper arm, and other problem areas with stubborn fat pockets. 

Bodcor’s non-invasive body contouring is painless and has zero downtimes. You can resume your usual activities without the need for additional medication or rest.

We don’t injure your skin so there’s nothing you have to worry about. And with the instant results, you will be motivated to continue your weight loss plan.

About Bodcor in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ

Bodcor is now available in Old Town Scottsdale! Enjoy the benefits of safe fitness by having a head start with our 4D laser system. By seeing inches of fats burned in an instant, you will be more than motivated to start your weight loss journey.

Our non-surgical body contouring is guaranteed to work. As much as anyone can undergo the procedure, those who have fewer than 15 pounds of weight to lose will enjoy the most benefits. 

The combination of 4D laser and infrared light technology stimulates the natural process of the body to deplete fats. It’s safe and has very minimal side effects.

Bodcor in Scottsdale, AZ is a first-of-its-kind treatment that uses 4D laser technology to target the fat cells. By stimulating the lymphatic system, your fat cells release the contents of your fat cells that are then used as energy. This process shrinks the fat cells also resulting in a kick of energy.

Bodcor’s 4D Laser Weight Loss System in Scottsdale, AZ is a simulation of the body’s natural fat burning process. Bodcor is guaranteed to be 100% safe and clinically proven.

Independent studies showed that the Bodcor procedure can reduce fat layer depth by 30% in just one session. With light exercise and enough hydration, these effects will be sustained.

4d laser weight loss system

How Does 4D Laser System Help with Weight Loss?

Unlike liposuction and other harsh procedures, the Bodcor 4D Laser System uses a state-of-the-art technology that speeds up the release of stored energy from your fat cells. Here’s how the 4D Laser System process works:

Targeting your fats

The 4D Laser System is ideal for removing fat from your chin, belly, legs, arms, legs, and other parts of your body. This way, you can get rid of that pesky fat that ruins your figure. 

Releasing the stored energy

Once the laser is at work, it will speed up the process of energy release on your fat cell. This way, the fat cells will shrink and you will have a burst of energy right after each session.

This is also the reason why you will see instant results right after the procedure.

bodcor 4d laser system

Boosting your lymphatic flow

By improving your lymphatic flow, the stored energy will be utilized and flushed out of your body. If paired with exercise and a healthy diet, you can lose more fats along the way.

The 4D Laser Weight Loss System triggers the natural process of your body to lose weight. It’s 100% safe and clinically proven so you will have peace of mind.

Red light treatment

After releasing the stored energy, your fat cells will shrink and your skin will sag. To fix this, the Bodcor System is paired with the red light treatment to tighten those saggy parts.

With this, the Bodcor Treatments is a one-stop treatment that you can undergo to jumpstart your fitness journey. It’s also a great procedure for those who want to remove pockets of fats in specific areas of their bodies.

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body contouring old town Scottsdale, AZ

Benefits of Non-Invasive Body Contouring in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ

With the help of Bodcor's body contouring practice in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ, you can now tone your body better than ever. It's an excellent way to get rid of pockets of fat that you can't remove through working out alone.

As a non-invasive process, this body contouring fat reduction will not use knives or needles. It utilizes a special laser technology that aims to release stored energy in your fat cells. This shrinks the cells to mimic the natural process of the body in burning energy. As a result, your fat loss is safer than the abrupt process used in liposuction.

Also, Bodcor's non-invasive body contouring is perfect for those with busy schedules. Every short session gives you instant and visible results. After finishing a whole package, the difference will be undeniable. What's more, with proper exercise and diet, you can sustain this progress or even boost it!
body contouring fat reduction

Guaranteed results in an instant

Bodcor's non-surgical body contouring treatment is clinically proven and vouched for by many patients who have witnessed its benefits. The only side effects you'll experience are redness on the affected area, mild dizziness, and thirst. All of these will go away in just a few minutes. After that, you're ready to go back to your chores or go to work.

Paired with the red light treatment, Bodcor tightens the skin after shrinking the fat cells. That means you don't have to worry about sagging.

Best of all, you don't have to take a leave from work just to use the treatment. The sessions are less than an hour, and there's no serious recovery period that will affect your productivity.

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Client Testimonials

Brittany is great, very professional & pleasant! I’ve had 3 treatments so far and am already seeing results! Highly recommend giving Bodcor a chance!
Ashleigh Chez
New Old Town Location is Amazing; People who own and operate are world class and the product results... you wouldn't believe. A Must before vacation or getting ready for summer season.
Stefan Brule