Shrinking Fat Cells

Fat Cell Biology

Before you can truly understand how Bodcor shrinks your fat cells its best we explain the biology of your fat cells. After better understanding the biology of your fat cells it's easier to comprehend the science of what Bodcor's 4D Laser System is actually doing.

Fat cells are mainly made up of these elements:
  • Cell Membrane
  • Cell Nucleus
  • Fat Reservoir

Fat Cell Before & After

Bodcor's 4D Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) only affects the contents of your fat cells. There are no side effects to other tissues. Your skin, muscle tissue and organs are not affected by this FDA approved technology. 

The lasers are simulating the same affects of working out and exercise. When you exercise your body pulls energy from your fat cells. This causes your fat cells to release their contents into your blood stream that act as fuel for your body.

Bodcor triggers the walls of your fat cell membranes to open up. The opening of cell membranes allows the contents within fat reservoirs to escape. After each treatment the fat cells empty and shrink without any negative side effects. 

Bodcor Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Bodcor 4D technology is equipped with 4 levels of nano-meter (NM) lasers. Bodcor machines offer 650nm, 808nm, 940nm, & 980nm wavelengths.

650nm/808nm laser wavelengths have been proven to shrink fat cells by tricking them into making them think that you are working out. The fat cells then release stored fatty acids to create energy for your body.

940nm/980nm laser wavelengths have been shown to penetrate deeper into the fat layers to assist with stubborn cellulite. Additionally these wavelengths increase collagen and tighten skin at the same time.